Alfred Loves… Girls (the box set!)

25th April 2014

In a new roundup of what we’ve been up to, over the next couple of weeks we will give you our views on some of the most addictive box sets we’ve got our teeth into…

This week, Lauren tells us about GIRLS!


As a twenty something living in London, watching a TV show about twenty somethings living in New York seems like a sure-fire way for the green-eyed monster to appear, along with dreams of a fabulous life living across the pond… Don’t be fooled! It’s no Gossip Girl. These are real girls with real stories written from real experiences.

Written by the brilliant Lena Dunham and Judd Appatow, the show is unpredictable, heartwarming, ridiculously rude and downright hilarious. 3 series in and I’m already longing for the forth.

We have Hannah, played by Lena herself, a 25 year old girl struggling to get by without the help of her parents money. Marnie, Hannah’s best friend and a self proclaimed ‘serial dater’. Shoshanna – a personal fave – who claimed in the first series that being a virgin was her ‘biggest baggage’. And finally Jessa, a Boho world traveller, in and out of rehab and always shaking things up.

Living the dream. One mistake at a time

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