Our 2023 Entertainment and Influencer Campaign Overview: Deepening Consumer Engagement

19th December 2023

We are committed to helping brands positively impact the world, including within the entertainment and influencer sectors, where this can often get lost. As we head into 2024, authentic and trusted partnerships are more important than ever. Here’s a recap of some of our campaigns from the past 12 months – from supporting blockbuster movies to creating thumb-stopping moments on social media. 


Amazon Future Engineer: Empowering Underserved Students

Objective: Raise awareness among teachers about free computing resources.

Strategy: Recognising the challenges teachers face in underserved areas, we partnered with influential educators to show how Amazon’s resources could support in diverse classroom settings. We created a content series which included testimonials and lesson plan overviews to illustrate the ease of practically integrating these resources into the existing curriculum and to build awareness of Amazon’s ability to support computing education positively.

Positive Outcome: The campaign had significant online engagement, with 84,000 views and active resource sharing among teachers. It successfully brought free computer science education to over half a million UK students, positively impacting the educational landscape with tangible and trackable results.


Acamar Films: Bing’s Little Wins Take 2

Objective: Offer parenting support to parents and carers of toddlers.

Strategy: We carefully curated partnerships with parenting influencers and child psychologists to produce relatable and educational content. We developed a series of engaging short videos and snappy social media posts that addressed common parenting challenges, using real-life scenarios and expert advice. The content was strategically shared across various platforms to maximise reach and engagement and to place Bing at the heart of the parenting community as a brand that can be trusted and turned to.

Positive Outcome: We built a supportive online community between parents and carers, and helped Bing to tap into its audience’s needs and help with a genuine problem. 


Sony Pictures: “Where the Crawdads Sing” Theatrical Release

Objective: Drive young female viewers to the cinema.

Strategy: We tapped into the BookTok community on TikTok; a niche but highly engaged audience that resonated with the key demographic. Our influencers, selected for their strong connection with the book-loving community, narrated select passages from “Where the Crawdads Sing” while engaging in personal hobbies that paralleled the film’s themes, like nature exploration and creative arts. The content was strategically developed to amplify the film’s literary roots and its cinematic experience.

Positive Outcome: The campaign not only increased cinema visits, but also encouraged followers to pursue new hobbies, creating a lasting impact with our target audience that extended far beyond the end of the movie credits. 


Westfield x MC Hammersmith: Unique Christmas Cheer

Objective: Set Westfield apart from the rest during the festive season.

Strategy: We chose MC Hammersmith, a TikTok comedian and rapper, for his unique appeal and alignment with Westfield’s brand values. The campaign included a series of engaging and humorous videos, showcasing the breadth of Westfield’s Christmas offerings in a light-hearted, memorable manner and putting Westfield firmly on the map for Christmas shoppers this festive season. 

Positive Outcome: The content successfully garnered over 400k views,  significantly enhancing Westfield’s brand image during a highly competitive season in an authentically Westfield way. 


Lyma: Get Ready with me and Lyma 

Objective: Make the LYMA laser the must have product for women who are committed to their personal skin journey 

Strategy: Utilising the team’s strong beauty experience and tapping into the existing GRWM trend (Get ready with me) on TikTok and Instagram, we partnered with UK and US-based content creators who, whilst promoting products, also shared open and honest stories about their skin concerns. We curated a small but mighty group of dedicated mature influencers who shared their perspectives in a glamorous yet accessible way and continued to break the expectations of ageing on social media. We worked with each creator on a six-month partnership, showcasing their before and after results. 

Positive Outcome: This campaign encouraged our influencers and their followers to open up and share their positive and also challenging skin stories, generating strong consumer engagement thanks to our authentic and relatable creators.


Written by: Emily Levy

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