The Week That Was: Health & Wellbeing (08/02/19)

8th February 2019


Instagram should ban celebrity ads for diet products, says NHS director

Social media firms should impose bans on “irresponsible and unsafe” celebrity-endorsed adverts for weight loss aids, says the medical director for NHS England. Professor Stephen Powis argues that platforms like Instagram have a responsibility when it comes to protecting the wellbeing of its younger users and that ads for products such as detox teas and diet pills can have a damaging effect.

Government urges parents to limit their children’s social media use to two hours at a time

Children should be limited to just two hours-a-time on social media – new official advice will declare next week.In the first formal guidelines ever, the Chief Medical Officer will pile huge pressure on web giants to introduce a cut-off for under-18s.

Thousands of pupils will be given meditation lessons to help them ‘cope with pressure’

Thousands of pupils will practise mindfulness at school to help them deal with the ‘pressures of the modern world’. Pilot schemes in 370 primaries and secondaries will test different approaches to improving children’s mental health.

‘Beer before wine makes you feel fine’ is a myth – the order in which you drink booze makes no difference

We all know the rule – beer before wine makes you feel fine. But new research suggests that rule is a myth, and the order in which you drink different alcohol won’t make a bit of difference to your hangover.

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