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11th January 2019


Why modern lifestyle are wrecking our children’s gut health

As we enter 2019, one health issue on the media’s radar is our gut health. This week we heard it described as ‘the second brain’ affecting our mood, immune system and general wellbeing. New research suggests aspects of modern lifestyle – including the rise in Caesareans, reliance on antibiotics, over-cleanliness and processed foods – are distorting the microbes in children’s guts, thus driving health problems.

Millions of patients to see hospital doctors by Skype under NHS plan

Millions of patients will use skype for hospital appointments in what is being described as a ‘wholesale’ transformation of the NHS intended to save money by reducing face-to-face consultations. Plans for the future of the health service revealed digital appointments will become the norm.

Singing with fellow employees reduces work stress, research suggests

New research shows that singing with work mates reduces stress and makes employees feel more supported by their colleagues. Scientists studied a total of 58 people working in a variety of organisations who attended choir sessions at their workplace.

Fitbit style gadget to help women avoid getting pregnant

A fertility tracker bracelet designed to help women get pregnant could soon perform the reverse role and replace traditional contraception such as the Pill, its makers claim. The Ava bracelet, which is already being used by thousands of women in Britain, is close to launching a contraception setting which will show when fertility is high and warn against intercourse.

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