The Week That Was: Games (17/08/18)

17th August 2018


Spider-Man takes over NYC 

Coinciding with the ‘Open World’ trailer drop for Spider-Man on PS4, some lucky fans in Manhattan have encountered a Spider-Man themed Times Square Shuttle! Adorned with our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, inside there are unique ad placements featuring J. Jonah Jameson and free copies of the ‘Daily Bugle’ scattered across the customised seats for your commuting pleasure!

Milestone as Nintendo sells over 700 million units

It was announced this week that Nintendo has sold over 700 million hardware units, console and handheld, since it began with the NES/Famicom in 1983. To break it down, that’s over 300 million units of that encompassed console sales, and over 400 million units of handheld devices. And with the Switch growing in popularity, the numbers continue to rise!

Numskull’s Spyro Merchandise

Numskull did a countdown to its Spyro merchandise range pre-order activation, revealing each product on Twitter and Instagram. One of Numskull’s biggest and most anticipated ranges to date, they have provided a wide variety of products for the avid Spyro fan – topping off the countdown with a smokin’ Spyro incense burner!

From Fortnite to Uber Eats

Thanks to his insatiable appetite for takeaway while streaming, Twitch phenomenon Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has gone into partnership with food delivery service, Uber Eats. Using his hugely popular live stream to help maximise the reach of his message, Blevins announced the partnership to his followers; showing that both Ninja, and the brands affiliated with him, are aware of his growing reach.


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