The Week That Was: Games (08/02/19)

8th February 2019


Fortnite’s virtual concert 

While this isn’t the first instance of a virtual concert (Minecraft, PS Home, and Second Life all gave it a go) – Fortnite’s Marshmello concert was a record breaking achievement and reaffirmed Fortnite’s prominence within the games industry. 10 million concurrent players gathered in Fortnite’s Pleasant Park to see Marshmello’s 10 minute live set, which was full of interactive elements and went down a storm!

Launch of Apex Legends

EA can, to some, be like a bad taste in the mouth and with this in mind the company decided against any pre-launch build up or PR campaign for Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends (not Titanfall!), due to there being a huge potential for negativity and prolonged debate around the loot-box carrying title. Following this gamble, Apex Legends has since reached 10 million players within three days, with the free-to-play shooter soaring in popularity. Quite the turnaround following reduced!

Kingdom Hearts 3 ships 5 million copies in one week

A new record has been set for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, as Kingdom Hearts 3 has shipped 5 million copies (across physical and digital) in within it’s first week! Have you picked up your Keyblade against the heartless yet?

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