The Week That Was: FMCG & Retail (22/06/18)

22nd June 2018


Sainsbury’s scores an own goal with its World Cup clothing range
Sainsbury’s has come under fire for its World Cup kids’ clothing range that caters more to boys than girls. When will retailers learn that events such as the World Cup can be celebrated by everyone, regardless of gender?

 Scoop of the summer
It’s set to be a long, hot summer so it seems fitting that the British Museum of Food is launching an exhibition celebrating all things ice cream. The brainchild of Bompass & Parr, this multi-sensory immersion will make you scream as you experience ice cream weather, glow in the dark delicacies and understand the neuroscience behind the sweet treat.

Running out of beer
A shortage of C02 supplies could take the fizz out of our feasting this summer and impact a number of food and drink focused businesses. Taking action, DEFRA has set up an emergency committee to try and contain the problem and threat to business. The question is, will this have a knock-on effect to prices this summer?

ASOS to go 100% cruelty-free by 2019
Inspired by a PETA investigation into the unethical production of mohair, ASOS has pledged to go 100% cruelty free by next year. This action means the leading online destination won’t sell mohair, silk, cashmere and feathers in their own brand clothes, or allow suppliers to use them. Let’s see if other fashion retailers follow suit.

M&S…& Microsoft
These two uber brands have joined forces. With a focus on AI, the partnership could be a retail game-changer, improving the customer experience and optimising operations.

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