The Week That Was: Consumer Technology (08/03/19)

8th March 2019

Time travel with Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s final lasting legacy may soon be open to the public, as London’s Science Museum is due to launch a project which will use virtual reality to showcase the feeling of falling into a blackhole. Hawking recorded hours of commentary to be played alongside the experience, so that he could personally inspire a new generation of space scientists – we cannot wait to see it!

Smartphone vs. Doctors

According to new research, smartphone apps are five times more effective at diagnosing serious heart conditions compared to standard tests. Devices which can record an electrocardiogram (ECG), which displays a patient’s heartbeat, at home were said to be quicker at detecting palpitations which could help save lives as researchers called for them to be rolled out to hospitals across the country – a very exciting breakthrough.

The ultimate North/South divide

New research from the Centre for Cities think tank has found that a quarter of jobs in Mansfield, Stoke, Doncaster and Blackburn are at risk from robots whilst just 13% of jobs in Oxford and Cambridge are under threat. Older workers in northern cities are particularly vulnerable to ­automation because they are more likely to be in lower skilled jobs and could struggle to find new posts.

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