The Week That Was: Consumer Technology (15/06/18)

18th June 2018


This week we discuss the latest innovations and news from the world of Consumer Technology. Check out the most talked about trends and discover campaigns that are making a meaningful impact on the sector and consumers.

Google Doodle takes on the World Cup

With the World Cup kicking off Google is celebrating the start of the tournament with doodles that celebrate the diverse cultures. Across the month different artists will provide doodles to illustrate what football is like in their country.

Fornite is making headlines… Again
This time Sony is facing backlash during E3, as PS4 gamers who wanted to move cross-platform into Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch are unable too. Despite backlash from the player base, Sony isn’t moving on its decision and has already made a statement to the BBC on the issue.

Stephen Hawking Tribute Gets Beamed into a Black Hole
Friday saw a special ceremony held to celebrate the life of Professor Stephen Hawking, where his ashes were interred in the Scientists Corner in Westminster Abbey. During the service, his words were beamed into space towards the nearest black hole, to the music of Vangelis, a fitting tribute.

Alexa Creates Off Side Rule
With the World Cup in full swing, fans across the globe are ready to watch and discuss the details of each match. This year Amazon Alexa are offering a helping hand to fans, as they have created a ‘bluffer’s guide’ to football to help any amateurs make their way through the World Cup. A great way of using this voice assistant during one of the biggest events of the year.

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