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A ‘more extra’ social approach – Westfield London

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Since February 2023, Alfred London has partnered with Westfield (London & Stratford City) to revolutionise their social media presence. By adopting a ‘more extra’ approach, we shifted the focus towards a video-first strategy, leveraging popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok to engage with a diverse audience. Our content mix, which includes highlights from retailers, trending pop culture, celebrities, and relatable memes, has delivered exceptional year-on-year results.


1 – Increase engagement and follower count on TikTok and Instagram

2 – Enhance brand visibility and vitality through innovative content

3 – Position Westfield as a culturally relevant and engaging brand, driving footfall and sales

4 – Support major events and store launches through targeted social media campaigns


• Video-First Approach: Emphasised creating engaging video content for TikTok and Instagram Reels.

• Content Diversity: A mix of content showcasing retailers, pop culture, celebrities, and memes.

• Event Coverage: Leveraged social media to cover significant events and store launches, including opening two Sephora stores and cultural celebrations like Eid and Easter.

• Unique Campaigns: Hosted characters like the Mandalorian and Rey, created a viral sensation with a pumpkin, and initiated playful rivalries (e.g., with the Trafford Centre).

• Seasonal Campaigns: The ice rink was successfully launched, with more exciting content planned for December.



• 84% increase in followers.

• 178% increase in average engagement.

• 363% increase in shares.

• 337% increase in vitality.

• 1 million likes on TikTok (675k added in 2023 so far).



• 13% increase in followers.

• 181% increase in saves.

• 296% increase in organic reach of Reels.


The partnership between Westfield and Alfred London has transformed Westfield’s social media presence and set new benchmarks in digital engagement. Through innovative strategies and creative campaigns, we have significantly amplified Westfield’s brand presence, making it a notable and influential player in the digital landscape.

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