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Tu – Savvy School Shop


Position Tu as the ultimate destination for school uniforms, highlighting the uniform’s durability, value and quality.


We tapped into the insight that school uniforms struggle to withstand the wear and tear kids put them through on the playground. Who better to test how durable Tu’s school uniform is than kids themselves…and an Olympian Gymnast!

We worked with Louis Smith, to lead a one-off training session including a series of interactive challenges with local kids to put the uniform through its paces. We captured imagery and video assets from the day, showing Tu’s uniform being put through the ringer, which we sold to national and consumer press, packaged up with research that supported our insight.

To support parents, during what we knew was a tough year, we set up a partnership between Tu and Family Action, to help vulnerable families most in need of support during the back to school period and cost of living crisis. Tu donated £10,000 towards Family Action for families to buy school uniforms.


33 pieces of coverage (with 70% being top tier outlets and 94% including over 3 key campaign messages). Interview coverage for Louis Smith was secured in top tier national outlets including Daily Express, Daily Star, Yahoo, Daily Telegraph and consumer outlets including Heat and Huffington Post.


The campaign positioned Tu as a go-to destination for durable, affordable school uniforms. Customer sentiment also showed that the campaign positioned Tu as a supportive brand during the cost of living crisis. Tu’s donation to Family Action has had a significant and real impact on vulnerable families lives, not only helping them financially, but in the words of Family Action providing “huge confidence” for both “the child and the family”.

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