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How do you launch a MCN (Multi Channel Network) that has 5.5k of the largest YouTube influencers on their books to the business community… whilst addressing the fact most have no understanding of what an MCN is?


Developed a tactical campaign aimed at the key relevant business and trade pages, delivering profile and by-line hits as well as speaking events and media meets to raise awareness of their offering.
By ensuring we always had an eye on the media, we were ready to react to industry news with statements and deal with issues quickly.


Smashed all pre-set KPIs with 50+ bylines and profiles in key media in first 6 months. Established as the go to source for comment on industry developments. Managed and diluted three negative stories incl. ASA regulation change and advertising to kids issue.


Built awareness of brand with key business media so when the StyleHaul team walked into meetings there was an awareness of who they were and what they did amongst decision makers at top global companies

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