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Connect with a new audience outside teen Marvel fans and promote a franchise which was in the middle of a studio move without upsetting core fans.



We worked back from the target media and influencer channels which would reach our audiences and created concepts which we knew would provide ample content for their platforms.


We created a variety of events and experiences which targeted the different audience brackets… core Marvel/Spidey fans, a mainstream entertainment audience, and technology buffs. The campaign included two international press trips in Los Angeles and Prague. The locations tour in Prague targeted the broader audience, with the behind-the-scenes Hollywood studio event focusing on Marvel and movie buffs.


We recognised that technology was a core theme in the film, and tapped into the use of high-tech drones in the climactic fight scene to create a unique drone racing event for tech lovers. 



The press trips were covered by mainstream national newspapers including Metro and Mirror and key fan sites including Hey U Guys and Syfy, covering different audiences with different interests.

The drone racing gave Jim Chapman (a huge Spidey fan) two Gadget Show presenters (Jason Bradbury and Otis Deley) a chance to capture content showcasing the tech in the movie.

The events were underpinned by a huge press office, placing UK exclusive content from the Blu-ray everywhere from GQ to CNT and ITN news and blanket positive reviews.



The campaign resulted in a stand out coverage across a range of target media reaching our audiences with the relevant messages we needed to deliver. Spider-Man: Far From Home swung into number 1 in the Official DVD charts on the week of release.

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