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SodaStream x Soda Press

The Challenge:

Our most recent work with SodaStream saw us launch their new organic Soda Press flavour range. SodaStream had partnered with Soda Press to craft a range of healthy, environmentally-friendly sodas with unusual flavours made specifically for SodaStream.

We needed to use the innovative range as a way to reach a younger audience, showing the versatility of SodaStream and how the flavours had moved on from sugary syrups of the past.

The Idea:

We knew tasting was believing and we needed to get the new range into the hands of the right people in an interesting way.

We created an immersive experience to bring to life the flavours and take media, influencers, and retailers on a tasting journey from the classic Old Fashioned Lemonade to Blueberry and Lime.

SodaStream x Soda Press saw us take over a space in the Truman Brewery and create an experience that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of – this included edible bubbles, fruit walls made of the flavours, and weird and wonderful canapes.

The event featured cocktails curated by mixologists from sustainable bar Scout which were designed around the unusual flavours, retro styling mirroring the Soda Press bottles.

The Results:

Over 100 guests including lifestyle influencers with a combined reach of 2.5 million.

Media attendance including Mail Online, ITN, Hello!, Pretty52, Fabulous and Daily Telegraph. We didn’t want the event to be a one-off moment, so created a host of social content to be used across SodaStream’s channels as well as internally for potential retail partners.

The event was showcased to other countries across the globe as an example of best practice for a creative and engaging product launch. Which, most importantly…

Led to a sell-out range in the first month of launch.

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