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Quility – #AllAboutMama


Mindfulness app, MindPilot, briefed us to build a traditional PR campaign hitting parenting media and blogs. They’d tried TV advertising, and while spending six figures on a campaign, the quality of users was poor and were not repeat users of the app. We were tasked to see how we could reverse this low retention rate, and drive meaningful impact for this mindful parenting product.


Our Mum wasn’t reading traditional media, but escaping to Instagram to share experiences and get inspired. What parent has time to read a magazine these days? Tapping into the insight from the principles of mindfulness, we devised a strategy to get mums to put themselves first, because if they were ok… the rest of the family would be too. This was delivered through a campaign we named #AllAboutMama. Quility believed in our strategy so passionately, that they created an entirely new brand and app, Quility: A Mindfulness App for Mothers, instead of simply adding the parenting content to their app MindPilot.

We launched our campaign on Instagram to connect with our audience where they were congregating, and highlighted how mindfulness was important for mums. Working with Instagram community Mothers Meeting, we recruited a panel of influential Instagram mums including @Mother_of_Daughters and @Mother_Pukka. We kicked off with an #AllAboutMama event – featuring our influencer mum panel and a live mindfulness session. When this was announced, our KPI of 25 attendees was smashed, and quickly upscaled after 900 RSVPs came in 24 hours.


The newly launched @QuilityApp Instagram channel quadrupled in 24 hours, along with 2,000 app downloads. During the event, and the following 24 hours, there were 250+ installs p/h, proving the power of the community. Our Instagram campaign then became traditional PR coverage, with our influencers and real mum case studies driving editorial that tracked directly to downloads. The Cost Per Install, was a third less than what was possible via the same targeting using Facebook ads.


Mums quickly saw the benefit of the new app. In one month, our approach directed 10K+ mums to install, use and engage with the app. Repeat usage surpassed 60% (vs repeat usage from TV campaign @ 7%). At the same time, we built a highly engaged Instagram community with no paid spend, and tracked direct downloads as a result of editorial hits.

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