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Oatly – Challenging Amendment 171


In October 2020, the European Parliament voted yes to Amendment 171. If implemented, it would have had a catastrophic impact on the whole plant-based industry. It would extend current restrictions, and ban brands from using any language or imagery which even ‘evoked’ a comparison to dairy products. How do we mobilise everyday people to understand, and care about a complex legislation that hadn’t been implemented yet… and wouldn’t even impact the UK?


We developed an international comms. strategy for all of Oatly’s EU markets to follow, and a bespoke plan for the UK, designed to bring to life the absurdity of AM 171, and the potential impact of it on the industry and more importantly, the environment. The first phase of the campaign involved a joint petition with ProVeg International & Upfield alongside other brands, and, amplification of Oatly’s creative ATL ‘Are You Stupid’, plus influencer and content partnerships.


National and Europe-wide news coverage, organic influencer posts encouraging followers to sign the petition and over 1000 entries into the branded One Minute Briefs competitions, which galvanised a huge community of creatives to deliver the message to consumers.


The combined EMEA efforts drove over 450,000 consumer petition signatures demanding the end to AM171 and in May the amendment was fully withdrawn! A victory for the plant-based movement.

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