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Lifeplan – Brand Reappraisal


With over 35-years’ worth of experience, Lifeplan is one of the UK’s leading supplement manufacturers. There’s a core customer base, but a huge opportunity to broaden their audience by bringing the brand up to date for today’s growing wellbeing trend. The aim is to increase sales, with a focus on e-commerce, while repositioning the brand for long term success. Our first job was to devise an integrated strategy to build a plan on how we can support the brand through this exciting reinvention.


We immersed ourselves in the world of Lifeplan, from visiting the factory to understand how the products are made, to conducting focus groups with their target audience. This insight has highlighted a number of opportunities for quick wins, as well as long term brand shifting activity. To refine the strategy and bring the whole team onboard with our thinking, we hosted workshops with the Lifeplan board, to understand what they stand for, what is their vision, and why do they go to work everyday. This has enabled us to shape an updated proposition in line with the direction that the brand wants to go, and one that has buy in from all levels.


We’re now implementing this strategy from July 2018. Our insight will shape our targeted communications activity for next 12 months. We’re setting up and running LifePlan’s social channels, creating brave PR campaigns to showcase their innovative product range, supported by an always-on media and influencer programme. We’re also implementing an ecommerce paid strategy to drive Lifeplan’s revenue online, by building sales funnels and acquisition models to grow direct sales.

2018 is just the start for the LifePlan brand

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