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Hutch – 4 Day Work Week


With over 100 companies taking part in the 4 Day Working Week trial in the UK, we were tasked with ensuring Hutch, one of the only gaming companies to take part, had cut through as a voice of authority in the space, backed by their existing track record of a strong and supportive working culture that puts team welfare first.


Leveraging Hutch’s existing standing as a great place to work, especially within the games industry which is notorious for issues such as crunch, we focused on telling the story of why change was needed in the industry. 

Positioning Hutch as part of the movement around the future of work post Covid, sharing their experience and challenges in the transition across the business.


Hutch’s insight was shared across interview features with outlets such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, Fast Company, Bloomberg and Stylist, with various radio and broadcast opportunities such as CNN (Quest Means Business),CBS and ARD radio.


Hutch has become the face of the 4 Day Work Week trial, not just for the games industry but for a mainstream understanding of the process itself. Hutch has become a highly valued voice in employee wellbeing and remodeling productivity.

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