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Flow launch


Launch a consumer-focused portable VR headset, Flow Immersive Glasses, which breaks new ground in the space, to a lifestyle audience, who hadn’t previously engaged with VR – while positioning HTC as a leader in the space innovating with the latest technology.


To showcase the product, as one of the first of its kind to market, we hosted two separate launch events; an art deco house space to exhibit the various use cases for more in-depth hands on reviews, and a bigger event held at the V&A to unveil the product more widely.

Conversations pre, during and post-event were lazer focused on delivering reviews and features of the product. This allowed us to hero the specific benefits of the Flow in media while championing the innovative technology developed by HTC which moved the industry in a new direction.


We exceeded our KPIs for the number of attendees across both events, securing a total of 37 guests across national, lifestyle, and technology press, as well as a variety of influencers. Top tier attendance included Trusted Reviews, TechRadar, BBC, GQ and Red.

Those in attendance connected with the product and were keen to try it out for a prolonged period of time with 11 journalists requesting samples, including the Financial Times, Forbes, and Female First.

Once the embargo had been lifted on the news after the event, we saw a total of 82 clippings on launch day.


The targeting of lifestyle press and influencers allowed us to increase brand awareness amongst an audience who previously had little exposure to HTC VIVE. 

It also enabled wider conversations with more mainstream media around the other consumer-facing products HTC VIVE has on its roster, enabling relationships to be built with new journalists.

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