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How do we launch a niche documentary about MotoGP to hard to reach superbike fans, motorheads and broader sports audience?


Brokered a free partnership with Silverstone, host of the British MotoGP, to engage the core audience and host the world premiere trackside. Heroed the film’s producer, Brad Pitt, and conduct first ever press conference live on ‘The Grid’ ahead of the MotoGP race, generating global media coverage filled with key messaging. Underpinned the live event with a widespread press office campaign, including international trailer break and talent interviews. Whilst engaging the core and breaking exclusive content with MotoGP influencers to deliver high levels of engagement with superfans.


281 pieces of coverage, a reach (event, broadcast, print & online) of 2,665,862,021. Social reach 97,851,732, driven by MotoGP influencers and opinion formers. Advance purchase cinema tickets sold out in hours. DVD smashed all sales targets.


ROI achieved of 1:5781 (for each pound spent the number of people reached during UK MotoGP weekend). Delivered a comparable CPM of £0.17 – massively outperforming what’s possible with traditional advertising

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