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The world’s first flushable period pad – Fluus

Microplastic free, and fully flushable, Fluus pads break down just like toilet paper so your monthly period is now kinder to the planet.


Fluus was revealed to the press a year ago, so the product wasn’t seen as new news, however it was the first time the product was widely able to be purchased. Our brief was to drive mass trial and encourage trust in a new sustainable period product, in a category where performance and personal preference still come ahead of eco-concerns despite best intentions.


Periods are personal, so we investigated what might stop someone trialling a new product. For some, the fear of the flush is counterintuitive to period disposal habits aka a disposable dilemma, whilst others had been scarred by a trash trauma – when used period products had been taken out of a bin by dogs and small children. As a third narrative, we researched the difficulties for transgender people when needing to discreetly dispose of menstrual products in male bathrooms. We therefore focussed on our “slacktivist” audience – those who want to do the right thing for the planet, and will do so when it’s the easy thing. 

Using these themes, we partnered with relatable influencers to help break down barriers to trial. We seeded our research far and wide, alongside founder profiling and podcast appearances, all underpinned by product send outs to drive trial and trust.

To continue momentum, we hooked additional research into World Oceans Day, spotlighting the fact that 33% had seen period products in British waterways to shine a light on the genuine need for Fluus.


We superseded the KPI for press quantity by 20%, securing coverage in key target titles Huffington Post, Women’s Health, Evening Standard and Hello with headlines claiming that Fluus is “about to change our periods (and the planet) forever.” We also over delivered with influencer engagements +20% versus KPIs.

About flushing time we had this product in our lives…

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