Our Work


The Challenge:

Relaunch the brand FITXR in the UK in Q4 2019, with a product that has been available for 6 months, but previously garnered limited media coverage


The Solution:

We tapped into key calendar trends, from boxing going mainstream, to the rise of the VR workout for new year features, leveraged a wealth of data from platform partners, utilised their trainers, and created a series of consumer and business stories to dominate top tier opportunities.



Over 50 hits including BBC News, This Morning, The Evening Standard, The Times and Telegraph – delivering coverage at a pivotal time during investor conversations, therefore adding value beyond traditional consumer awareness and engagement. The coverage is still coming…

The Impact:

A marked uplift in organic downloads of the app across all platforms. The timing coincided with investor conversations, adding value to the business and showcasing the potential of the product.


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A Real Cheeky Win!

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