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505 Games – Evolving Press Office


Appointed as AOR in the UK, with remit to drive top tier coverage and influencer enaggeemnt around the massive portfolio of titles published by 505 Games. Remit included, day to day press office, building relationships on behalf of the brand with key games and mainstream media, and advising on EMEA media strategy.


Bespoke plans around each title to drive awareness and conversation for AAA titles, to independant masterpieces. Each title is approached in a way that is specificallty desgined to connect with the titles key audience. Support by brand activity work, building features around 505 Games as a publisher, telling the story of how the brand continues to deliver top tier games across a number of generas.

E3 & GamesCom:
Managed all UK media appointments, hands-on and interviews during E3 and GamesCom, to build awareness of newly announced titles. Pre-event booking, during conference monitoring, and reactive support to maximise all opportunities.

Laser League:
Strategy was to develop relationships with media and influencers around new IP early, to then leverage around launch. Activity included hands on tour, GamesCom appointments and showcases. Pre-beta event at Loading Bar and driving influencer content and create launch trailer.

Last Day of June:
Intimate launch event with game director, Massimo Guarini at London Cinema – dialing up the cinematic expeience offered by the game. Press list includes: Eurogamer, PCGamesN, The Mirror, BBC, Videogamer. BBC Radio 5 Live interview on Gaming beyond entertainment


GamesCom & E3 – Over 140 pieces of top tier hero coverage that included: PC Gamer, Edge, Metro, IGN, Eurogamer, Official PlayStation Magazine, Gamesmaster
Hero Features & Covers – Front cover of PC Gamer for new IP Control. Consistent 4 page articles in EDGE and Official Playstation Magazine for: Indivisible, Bloodstained, Laser League, Underworld Ascendant
Last Day of June – BAFTA Shortlist for games beyond entertainment and critically acclimated by culturally influential media
Laser League – Coverage and content from Sidemen, PCGamer, Kotaku, GamesRadar+, GamesTM, GamesMaster, Official Playstation/Xbox Magazines, The Mirror, Eurogamer, RedBull… all advocates of the game. Top 10 on Steam during Early Access

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