The Week That Was: Health & Wellbeing (8/6/18)

8th June 2018


This week we explore the latest and greatest news from the world of Health and Wellbeing. Check out the most talked about trends and discover campaigns that are driving change.

Toe-ga, the new fitness trend
Yes, you read that right. Toe-ga is yoga for your toes, our most overworked and underappreciated body part. We’re not convinced we’ll be trying the Toe-bra anytime soon…

We’re not loving the lack of Love Island body diversity
3.4m tuned into Love Island’s premiere, but the show is coming under fire due to its lack of physical diversity. With weeks to go, we hope the producers shake up the villa with some new, body positive additions.

Another excuse to reach for the coffee
It’s official, coffee helps people work better as a team. Research from Ohio State University found that workers who had a caffeine surge before a group discussion evaluated their conversational rates of themselves and their teammates as higher than those who hadn’t had coffee. We’ll take any reason to have another flat white…

Alexa, should I be worried about this rash?
Amazon is building a health and wellness offering around Alexa, allowing users to communicate with medical professionals from the comfort of their own home, and share their medical records with qualified third parties. This will be trialled in the US, and if successful it will be rolled out worldwide. With apps such as PushDoctor and Babylon being so successful in the UK, it seems like a natural progression for Amazon.

Apple aims to tackle smartphone addiction
Aiming to improve our digital-wellbeing, Apple is launching a number of new features to to reduce our smartphone usage. Users will be able to get weekly reports on how they use their iPhones or iPads, and parents can set up reports for their children’s devices, along with a new bedtime mode that will hide notifications until the next morning. A bold move for a smartphone creator, but it shows they’re addressing the nation’s screen addiction, and concerns parents have about screen time and their kids.

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