The Week That Was: Health & Wellbeing (02/07/18)

6th July 2018


Ikea launch Sustainable Wellness And Yoga Collection
Increasing their limited edition collections, Ikea has announced the launch of their sustainable wellness and yoga collection termed the HJÄRTELIG collection. The range will include IKEA’s first ever yoga mat and blocks, as well as scented candles, bedding and plant pots. These will all be made from sustainable and natural materials, from cork to seagrass (marine plants) and rattan (a climbing plant). Everyday there are more announcements of brands becoming more sustainable, so it’s great to see IKEA making this same commitment.

Research finds moisturiser containing SPF is not as effective as sunscreen
Research from the University of Liverpool has found that moisturisers with SPF within them do not work as well as sunscreen. Finding that this was mainly due to a discrepancy when we apply the two different products – being more thorough with sunscreen. With the temperatures rising everyday it’s important to keep your skin protected.

Being busy is actually good for you
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has found that those who perceived themselves as busier also made more conscious decisions around diet, exercise and their spending. Long story short, being busy makes you a better person!

Wimbledon under pressure to ban single-use plastic bottles
Wimbledon players Johanna Konta and Kyle Edmund have raised concerns around the amount of single-use plastic bottles behind after matches. Uploading images to their twitter accounts calling out players to clean up after themselves. Ironically, Evian is the official supplier of bottled water in Wimbledon, extending its multimillion-pound sponsorship last year until 2022.

Chocolate Day Special: 10 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
This Saturday marks the celebration of National Chocolate Day. Even though sweet treats may be considered as naughty for our diets, dark chocolate is reported to have positive health benefits such as regulating blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart failure. We know what we’ll be snacking on.

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