The Week That Was: Health and Well-being (03/08/18)

3rd August 2018


Plastics being left in sun are creating greenhouse gases
Although #PlasticFreeJuly is over, the plastic articles are still hot topic. A study has found that plastics being dumped in landfill are giving off greenhouses gases when left out in the sun. The research found that the biggest producer of greenhouse gases was a material commonly used to make plastic carrier bags; polyethylene. This proves that pre-cycling is the answer, best not to create the plastic in the first place!

This is how long you should really take on holiday in order to feel completely relaxed
New scientific research has revealed the effects of holiday on our health and wellbeing. According to the Journal of Happiness Studies, there is perfect amount of time that you need to take to ensure you reach your full capacity for your health and wellbeing. Research from Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands suggests that you need holidays longer than 8 days. Lets get booking people, it’s time for longer holidays

Rise in Demand For Wellbeing Benefits At Work
76% of people believe that there has been a rise in employee demand for well-being benefits in their workplaces. Survey results of 2,000 UK employees, published by Gympass 2018, found that well-being benefits are now in higher demand. 42% of the employees that surveyed wanted to be able to have a gym membership as part of their employee benefits package, in compared to the 37% that prefered to have a company car or the 40% that wanted a better pension plan. No wonder why the gyms have been busier lately, let’s keep it up.

2018, the year of veganism
There is a growing number in people turning vegan. In the UK, places such as Pret a Manger, Pizza Hut and M&S have been rolling out their vegan options and vegan restaurants have reported high demands. Research by Roy Morgan has discovered that in the UK, the vegan population increased from 150,000 to 542,000 within the last 10 years. We say more greens less meat.

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