The Week That Was: FMCG & Retail (29/06/18)

29th June 2018


Is Morrisons winning the supermarket fight against plastic?

Morrisons is going back to the good life, bringing in paper bags for fruit and veg so that they can reduce their plastic footprint. This one move will stop 150m plastic bags being used – and likely ending up in landfill. A great step in the right direction.

“Can” you handle your wine?
Waitrose is taking cues from across the Atlantic with its latest launch – wine in a can. This trend, which has been gaining traction in America, provides consumers with convenient and eco-friendly ways to drink. Just what we need for picnic season!

The casual dining crisis
On average, two restaurants are closing each week, and the number of eateries has now fallen to its lowest level for eight years. It seems that no one is free of the curse, with chains such as Byron and big names like Jamie Oliver closing some restaurants. Whilst we’re still eating out, rising ingredient and staff costs and an increase in competition has meant some of our old favourites are folding.

Will it become harder to access money when out and about?
As we become more of a cashless nation, it seems that the number of ATMs is declining. Link, which looks after the UK’s cash dispensers, has cut the fee that operators receive from banks to apparently future-proof the network and encourage operators to branch out to more rural areas.

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