The Week That Was: FMCG & Retail (02/06/18)

6th July 2018



The Love Island effect

If you want to sell clothes to millennials, take a leaf out of Missguided’s book. Their sponsorship of Love Island includes them supplying outfits to the participants, with the clothes worn then available to buy on the Love Island app. This e-commerce opportunity has resulted in a 40% sales increase every evening that the show runs – that’s six out of seven days a week to put this into context.

Retail survival
The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index has been published by the Institute of Customer Service, with Amazon taking top place for the sixth year running. Using metrics such as staff professionalism and quality of service, it uncovered the nation’s top 50 shops and organisations. The results showed that customer satisfaction is largely based not just on price, but trust, reputation, recommendation. It seems that service really is key to retail survival.

ASOS is making fashion accessible for all
The leading fashion retailer is fusing fashion and diversity with its latest collaboration, working with Paralympian Chloe Ball-Hopkins on a waterproof jumpsuit that’s wheelchair friendly. Available now, with imagery online featuring Chloe, it’s seen as the latest step in diversity without tokenism. With ASOS’ profits soaring, maybe this is something for other retailers to keep in mind?

Crisp crisis
Can you imagine a summer BBQ without crisps or potato salad? You might have to, as this year’s out-of-ordinary weather conditions are wrecking havoc with the UK’s potato crop. Small British crisp brands, who only use homegrown potatoes, have already expressed their worry about the potential to not be able to cope with demand.

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