The Week That Was: Consumer Technology (02/06/18)

6th July 2018



Amazon has recently launched Amazon Go Store
Situated in Seattle, the first Amazon Go store provides consumers with the opportunity to buy things in person instead of online. The store is designed with AI that allows you to pick up whatever you want and leave the store without queueing to pay, as it is updated instantly via the Amazon app. Interesting to see the success of the store and if this is something they will role out far and wide.

WhatsApp is updating so you can now silencer your annoying friends
Soon admins on WhatsApp chats will be able to silence other voices on a group chat by using a “send messages” feature that stops everyone in the group sending messages apart from the admins. If this happens, everyone on the chat that is not an admin will be notified “only admins can send messages”. A great way to mute hundreds of messages you don’t want!

The future of digital identification will be as easy as “Hi, its me”.
As the line between digital and physical worlds is dissolving, so is the ability to identify yourself online. The average person has around 30 different passwords in their lifetime and identity fraud is on the rise. However, it is predicted that digital identification in the future is going to become increasingly smart with no need for bank cards, cash or passports and will be as simple as saying “hi, it’s me”.

You can now be in three places at once
The Swiss Investment Bank UBS has digitally cloned its chief economist, Daniel Kalt, enabling the bank to offer his likeness to clients that have pressing questions. Kalt’s digital clone has been programmed to answer questions through schooling from Kalt himself.

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