The Week That Was: Consumer Technology (29/06/18)

29th June 2018

Tech 1

Google Assistant will be available on Sony TV
Sony’s smart TV’s will now respond to voice control in the UK, responding to commands like ‘OK Google play Ocean’s Eleven on Google Play”. Meaning you won’t have to search the films/series in the search bar and selecting it from the stream. The Assistant will also be able to search through all the apps on your TV for your request and find the best option. This has been a long time coming in the UK market, Google will have to act faster to keep up with Amazon Alexa capabilities.

Our obsession with food takeaway apps could kill the kitchen
It has been argued that the mounting popularity of takeaway food apps Deliveroo and UberEats are going to lead to the end of kitchen cooked meals. UBS, the Swiss investment bank analysts have warned that there could be a scenario by 2030 where most meals currently cooked at home are instead ordered online.

Microsoft has been developing software to replace supermarket checkout staff
In a bid to challenge Amazon’s current dominance in the automated grocery shop sector, Microsoft has been developing technology to get rid of supermarket staff. Experiments have taken place where cameras have been attached to trolleys to track purchases.

Smart homes have the ability to redefine the current problems of living with a disability
With every month that goes by, smart home technology is leaping forward and attempting to satisfy every aspect of analogue home life. The industry is now looking at how this technology can be used to impact the lives of those living with disabilities. This displays a potential shift within the sector from smart homes being viewed as recreational luxuries to truly meaningful forms of accessible technology.

BBC brings forward a new app called “Sounds” to rival Spotify and Soundcloud
The BBC has chosen to replace their i-Player radio app with a new app offering called ‘Sounds’ which rivals Spotify and SoundCloud as an all-in-one app with everything radio and podcasts related from the BBC. The app gives people the flexibility to listen to last nights radio show on their way to work in the morning and contains over 80,000 hours of BBC on-demand audio content.

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