27th July 2018


Apple rumours suggest that the next iPhone will come in a range of crazy colours
Apple customers who are used to buying tasteful “rose gold” and “space grey” phones may get a shock when they see the new range of “flash yellow”, “bright orange” and “electronic blue” iPhones. Will other smartphone suppliers follow in their footsteps, does anyone really want a flash yellow phone, only time will tell!

People’s smartphones are getting so hot in the heatwave that they’re crashing and burning
Baking temperatures are causing mayhem with British people’s phones, causing them to crash and slowdown in performance. Pokemon Go fans have reported particular problems with overheating gadgets as they attempt to catch ’em all amid blazing temperatures. How will smartphone suppliers react to this problem as temperatures continue to soar?!

Driverless buses could be coming to your town

The popular bus company Stagecoach are to trial the UK’s first driverless bus later this year. Though laws currently restrict the use of driverless cars on UK roads, the transport giant has made the move in the hope that legislation will be adapted as technology improves. Until then a fully autonomous single-decker bus will be tested at the transport giant’s depots, where it will test manoeuvres such as parking, fuelling and washing. This shift from driver to technology is causing concern amongst consumers surrounding jobs and safety. Could this be the future of road transportation? Watch this space!

Coinbase announces a new deal to let you pay for Uber with crypto currency
Coinbase has revealed a new partnership whereby individuals can pay for physical goods and services with cryptocurrencies. The deal, which will be powered by WeGift, enables Coinbase users to buy an electronic gift card, load it with cryptocurrency from their Coinbase wallet and then use them at over 120 retailers like Tesco, Uber, Amazon and John Lewis. Currently only available in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Australia, the news marks the first time that consumers can truly spend digital currencies at retailers, which would not normally accept coins like ethereum or litecoin.  Could this be the future of spending?

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