19th July 2018



Instagram Stories has introduced a new “ask a question” feature

Many users of the photo-sharing app thought that the “questions” feature was anonymous and used it to unleash some pretty dark thoughts, only to find out that the user can see who has asked specific questions… leading to some pretty cringeworthy moments.

Ready or not, the world’s first VR slide is here!

Virtual reality and water slides may not seem like they’re the best fit, but the first VR water slide is here. The waterproof headset, powered by an integrated Samsung Galaxy S8 runs custom software for the VR experiences. The headsets also recharge wirelessly, making it easy for parks to constantly swap sets in and out throughout the day. Is this the future of all theme parks, we will have to wait and see.

Apple are adding 70 new emojis to IOS12

Apple just shared the latest details about new emojis that are coming to iOS later this year. More than 70 new characters — including emoji for bald people, redheads, and those that have gone gray — were created based on previously approved characters in Unicode 11.0.

Increase in social media addiction is leading to the increase of ADHD amongst teenagers

A new study has found that children who constantly check social media are at a greater risk of developing attention and hyperactivity problems. Constant notifications from sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as messaging apps like Whatsapp are having a profound impact.

Google hit with $4.3 billion Andriod fine from the EU
The European Commission said that Google had used the mobile Android operating system to illegally “cement its dominant position” in search. The firm’s parent Alphabet has been given 90 days to change its business practices or face further penalties of up to 5% of its average global daily turnover.

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