TWTW: Social Media (27/07/18)

27th July 2018


Look below for this week’s top social media news.

Twitter prioritises health over growth

Putting civility before vanity metrics, Twitter has shown a large decrease in users after ridding the platform of many trolls, bots and other abusive accounts. Dorsey said the platform was committed to “increasing the collective health, openness and civility of public conversation”.

LinkedIn launches recorded voice messages

LinkedIn gets vocal with the launch of recorded voice messages, looking to grow its messaging platform. The launch comes directly after its announcement to invest in in-house journalists to grow it’s news arm, marking a shift in platform ambition.

Meet the Snapchat ‘Storytellers’

Snapchat marries high-profile influencers with brands with its ‘Storyteller’ function, allowing brands to work more closely on creating engaging, targeted content. The goal is to create a shortlist of key brands and influencers to allow a slightly more informal working relationship.

Say hello to Scroll Free September

The Royal Public Health Society is promoting ‘Scroll Free September’. The campaign hopes to improve sleep, wellbeing and relationships, with a focus on mental health, of many Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat users.


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