TWTW: Health & Wellbeing (27/07/18)

27th July 2018


Swimsuit models from H&M showcase positive body image

H&M has now become one of the first high street retailers to not airbrush their models’ imperfections, including hip dips, stretch marks and love handles. Many women are applauding this and recognise this as a positive action for the high street market. We love this and hope more brands will follow

Avocado ice cream sold by luxury Gelato company, Snowflake

You thought you had seen avocado in every form think again… Snowflake has just created a brand-new avocado Ice cream which is gluten-free, vegan and 100% plant-based. These gourmet ice-creams are £9.50 a pot and look like real life avocados!! We can’t wait to give them a try to see if they live up to the hype.

Gingers to receive free grub and drinks on hottest of the year

55 Degrees North, a pub in Newcastle will be serving free food to ginger-haired members of the public today, as it’s the hottest day of the year. It is known that redheads have a harder time in the sun than most. Eat up guys!

Coca Cola survives the sugar tax

Coca Cola’s marketing strategy to push its brand-new Diet Coke in light of the sugar tax range is working. The new flavours have caught the public’s imagination and sales are soaring.  Showing that coming up with a clever solution to the government levy can be found.


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