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27th July 2018


Read on for the latest news making waves in the world of retail this week:

Ikea’s new mini stores set to boost the high street

Swedish giant Ikea is downsizing, with its first mini store offering a capsule collection launching in London this year. Whilst there’s no room for those delicious meatballs, the innovative space will focus on furniture for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Ikea says its responding to the number of people migrating to cities (70% estimated by 2050) – with the high street currently struggling, could Ikea be paving the way for how to save it?

Starbucks’ Latte Levy is funding Thames clean up

The Latte Levy really is helping the environment. Starbucks has been working with environmental charity Hubbub to help them reduce their plastic footprint, and now the Levy is funding the charity’s second boat, made from 99% recycled plastic to help clear up plastic waste in the Thames. It’s great to see such an influential chain supporting a local charity.

H&M promotes body confidence

The high street mecca has been applauded for its decision not to airbrush models on its latest campaign. With Love Island’s lack of body diversity still in the news, could we see more retailers take note?

Heatwave fans

Amazon has revealed that heatwave-related products have spiked – Brits are flocking to buy fans (sales up over 2,000% in July vs May), and media are taking note, with a number of articles on the stores with some still in stock.


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