The Week That Was: Social (8/6/2018)

8th June 2018


From beauty bloggers to depression, get a topline look at this week’s social media news.

What effect can negative social media experiences have on our mood?
According to research done by the Universities of Pittsburgh and West Virginia, negative interactions online directly correlate to an individual’s risk of depression.For every 10% rise in negative social media interactions a person experienced, their risk of depression rose significantly—by 20%”.

Does social media addiction exist?
Studies are contradicting and inconclusive, but overall people are using social media platforms more often and for longer periods. Get some tips on how to cut down and stay in control.

Beauty brands are owning the digital space
Beauty industry disruptors like Glossier and Charlotte Tillbury are owning social platforms like YouTube and Instagram through work with micro influencers and beauty gurus, proof that authenticity can go a long way.

The secret sauce behind the Instagram feed
Insta users yearning for the days of the chronological feed, don’t hold your breath. During a recent tour of the SF-based company, the image-sharing giant explained why you see the posts you do in your feed: interest, regency and relationship. And they don’t plan on changing that any time soon.

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