The Week That Was: Social (29/06/18)

29th June 2018

Tech 2

Instagram unveils video calling

Throwing its hat into the ring, Instagram unveiled its own video calling function in app this week. It allows up to 4 people to chat at once and is accessed through the direct messaging section. Users can then minimise chat windows and continue scrolling through their feed and using the app.

Are social media platforms censoring our political views?

Over 72% of adults in the US believe social media platforms are censoring political views. These views were especially common among Republicans. They also believed that these platforms suppressed views they disagreed with, specifically conservative-leaning views.

LinkedIn looks to bolster its news

As the jobseekers platform has grown more and more into a news feed for businesses, they are now looking to grow their in-house team of 50 journalists. With journalists adding credibility to news feed content, LinkedIn hopes to offer more monetised content to users.

Facebook rolls out group member charges

Facebook is now allowing group admins to charge for member access. Fees will range from $4.99 to $29.99 a month and will encourage more specialist group offerings, like courses, training and special content.

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