The Week That Was: Social (15/02/19)

15th February 2019


Should social networks be held responsible for child self-harm?

A mother who lost her daughter to suicide in 2013 is at the forefront of a campaign with the NSPCC to hold social networks accountable for failing to keep children safe on their networks.

Thousands of Instagram accounts culled

In another fake user cull, Instagram users potentially lost thousands of followers “in a few seconds”. This is tied to Instagram’s policy around fake accounts as well as ‘tools’ that help users trawl for likes and follows.

Please don’t kill my vibe

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has claimed that the app’s “vibe” is a downer due to abusive behaviour. He also admitted that the platform’s attempt to curb this behaviour was a “huge fail”.

Snapchat saves

Snapchat was reportedly the saviour of a mother and daughter who were trapped in their car after a crash left them teetering on a hill. The pair were not able to give their exact location to emergency services, but were able to share their location via snapchat with the 15 year-old son of the mother’s boyfriend.

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