The Week That Was: Social – 07/06/19

7th June 2019

Instagram’s latest offering

Brands will be able to sponsor influencers content posted using the ‘Paid partnership with…’ tag. Previously their content would only be seen by the influencer’s followers unless brands offered to pay the influencer directly to run ads on their behalf. Now brands are able to directly manage the audience and targeting.

Screen time is on the rise

Ofcom’s Online Nation 2019 report was released this week, which included the insight that people’s online time is growing by 7% annually, with the average UK adult spending three hours 15 minutes per day online last year. This marks a rise of 11 minutes since 2017.

TikTok starts targeting 

TikTok, the short form social video sensation, is rolling out interest-based ad targeting, custom audiences and pixel tracking to monitor conversions.

Spotify gets social

Spotify is testing a feature to enable friends to share playlists by QR-style Spotify Social Listening code, and then any friend can add tracks. It is reported they are also planning on adding synchronised listening so friends can listen and chat along together.

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