The Week That Was: Health and Wellbeing (07/01/19)

7th January 2019


The average child has consumed 18 years worth of sugar by the age of 10

New research from Public Health England has revealed the average child has consumed a staggering 18 years worth of sugar by the age of 10. This is primarily due to breakfast options and snacking, with many children having had half their day’s sugar allowance before they get to school.

15M patients fail to turn up for their GP

15 million patients across Britain failed to turn up to appointments with their GP last year, new figures released from the NHS reveal. It comes as wait times for GP’s are increasing, creating a frustrating situation for doctors and hospitals, who are urging people to cancel booked appointments if they cannot attend.

Manuka Honey’s healing power could be lost by the time you eat it

Manuka honey, which can cost as much as £100 a jar and is reputed to have potent healing properties, may have lost its active ingredient before buyers get it home, a scientist has warned. Studies have found it can possess powerful antibacterial properties, helping with stomach ulcers and cold. But a scientist has warned that in transport, it’s active ingredient methylglyoxal may be lost.

Worry less about children’s screen use, parents told

New guidance from a leading paediatrician has stated there is little evidence that screen use is in itself harmful for children. While the guidance avoids setting screen time limits, it recommends not using them in the hour before bedtime.

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