The Week That Was Games (24/08/18)

24th August 2018


This week saw in the second-largest event in the gaming calendar: Gamescom. We got to see more from the likes of Battlefield V, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Biomutant, Fallout 76, Resident Evil 2, Life is Strange 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and more – with consumers getting the chance to experience the games and dive into gaming heaven. Amidst the slew of announcements, we’ve picked out some fun pieces of news including key new announcements and some PR activations we think you may have missed!

Spyro comes to Gamescom in style.

So, not only did we get some key reveals and a look at the following levels: Cloud Spires, Sheila’s Alp, and Sunny Villa, but a souped up Ford cosplaying as everyone’s favourite gaming dragon: Spyro. Kitted out with horns and wings to boot, the team ‘remastered’ the vehicle and made sure it was ‘all scaled up’ – clever, eh?

Fortnite takes you for a ride 

Attendees at Gamescom this week were in for a treat with the Fortnite Theme Park, encouraging gamers to take part in an obstacle course, ‘glide into battle’, and ‘ride the rocket’ in the ultimate fan experience!

Nvidia announce new-gen graphics cards

Renowned GPU maker Nvidia has used Gamescom this week as a platform to announce its new GeForce RTX graphics cards, using Control by Remedy as one of the games chosen to showcase its incredible abilities. With real-time ray tracing and new AI capabilities for an array of blockbuster games, this technology is sure to change the face of futuristic gaming!

Comic Book service for the Switch

Inky Pen has been announced for the Switch, a software that will provide access to over 10,000 comic books to read in between gaming sessions on the Switch. While Inky Pen is free to download, there is a subscription fee around £6-7 per month in order to access the full range of books. Due to launch this November, so far IDW, Dynamite, Valiant, Humanoides Associés, and Andrews McMeelare are listed as publishers included in the vast library of titles!


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