The Week That Was: Games (19/07/18)

19th July 2018


Nathan Fillion goes viral as Nathan Drake
A live action Uncharted fan film goes viral and has surpassed 1.5 million views in 24 hours! A few years after Nathan Fillion made a seemingly throwaway comment, expressing his desire to play Nathan Drake, the wishes of many fans have finally been realised in this short film directed by Allan Ungar. The film is not a’fillion’ated with Sony or Naughty Dog, but who knows what could happen after this success!

Meet the Silver Snipers
The Silver Snipers are the first professional senior CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) eSports team in the world! With an average age of 67, they say their drive comes from ‘seeing people enjoy their gaming’ and win or lose they ‘see happiness’. They are currently embarking on their first world tour and are on a mission to show that age is just a number!

An education in gaming
Professor of Neuroscience and Education, Paul Howard Jones, suggests that techniques from videogames, such as the ever popular Fortnite, can effectively translate to the classroom and make lessons more engaging. Paul explains that gaming mechanics can be used in real life to help children learn through points and reward systems, that reflect in-game achievements, to present a ‘rapid schedule of uncertain rewards’ which children find exciting!



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