The Week That Was: Games (10/08/18)

10th August 2018

PS Pro

PlayStation hits a magic number in console sales

24 years. 500 million consoles. One system. PlayStation has hit the 500 million mark in console sales since the release of the PS1 back in 1995 across the PS1, PS2, PSP, PSP Go, PS3, PS Vita, PS Vita TV, PS4, and PS4 Pro! To celebrate, Sony have released 50,000 units of a limited edition PS4 Pro, the  ‘500 Million Special Edition’, for fans to lust over.

Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay footage

Rockstar have dropped a glorious gameplay video for their highly-anticipated Red Dead redemption 2 and the internet went wild! Positioned to be GTA V’s successor on release, the six minute gameplay trailer certainly whetted our appetite. Captured entirely from in-game footage in 4K HD, the narrator expresses how the ‘world is alive and responds to the player’, as you buddy up with gang members and potentially irritate the townsfolk in a sprawling wild west setting.

Super Smash Bros Direct sees the death of Luigi

During the trailer for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, showcased at Super Smash Bros Direct, the beloved Luigi had his life mercilessly taken by none other than Death himself. This caused quite a stir on social media and Luigi was trending for a part of the day on Thursday – but wait, don’t panic! @NintendoUKVS sent out a tweet shortly after the broadcast to assure fans that ‘Luigi is OK’. Phew!

Sonic Movie Casting

The Sonic Movie has found its Eggman. During the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, it was announced that Jim Carrey is set to fill the nefarious Dr. Robotnik’s shoes. Jim Carrey will be joining Ben Schwartz’s Sonic in the live-action/CGI hybrid next year.

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