The Week That Was: Games 09/11/18

9th November 2018


Hitman 2 and ‘The Undying’ Sean Bean

Sean Bean is renowned for rarely getting out a tight spot alive and this is no exception, as IOI perform a stroke of marketing genius for Hitman 2. Not only does Bean star in the title’s latest trailer, but will be a target in-game for a limited time as an elusive contract: ‘The Undying’ MI5 agent, Mark Faba! How will Sean Bean perish at the hands of Agent 47? The options are limitless…

Bethesda Game Studios in Concert

Over the weekend Bethesda partnered with the charity ‘War Child’ to produce a special concert featuring suites from the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series’. During the performance of nostalgic classics, Bethesda dropped in a couple of exclusive performances including: The Elder Scrolls: Blades theme and Fallout 76 suite! A great experience during the build up to the launch of these titles and in aid of a good cause to boot.


Spyro continues to cook up a storm on social media, as he takes to the skies and crosses the states from New York to…Snoop Dog? For just over a week, the Spyro drone has been travelling across the US and documenting the journey – as he aims to bring Snoop Dog a copy of the ‘Spyro: Reignited Trilogy’ in time for launch! From getting involved in a swamp boat race and setting aflame a Toasty lookalike, to creating a tongue-in-cheek video documenting his adventures in Colorado – Spyro is going from strength to strength in the lead up to launch!





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