The Week That Was Games (07/09/18)

7th September 2018


From Superman to Geralt of Rivia – Henry Cavill takes title role on The Witcher Netflix series

It has been announced that Henry Cavill will be weilding silver and steel as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix adaptation of the hugely popular series of Polish novels and games: The Witcher. The series is said to be drawing more from Andrej Sapkowski’s source material – however, Geralt’s iconic image from the videogame adaptations has sparked a debate on social media, as to wether or not Henry Cavill is suited for the role. Enter hilarious gifs and memes galore – we are excited to see the final result!

Farewell PS2

After 18 years Sony Japan has pulled the plug on PS2’s life support, as the world says goodbye to the best-selling console of all time. Sony Japan will no longer be offering their customer support aftercare service for the PS2, officially ending the console’s life cycle. This sparked worldwide Twitter nostalgia as people shared fond memories of the console, its impact in gaming history, and bid farewell…

New GTA Kubrick sets coming this September

GTA IV and V are getting the Kubrick treatment and will be available to buy on September the 14th! Celebrating GTA IV’s ten year anniversary and the hugely popular GTA V you can now own pocket-sized characters including: Niko Bellic, Roman, Tony Prince, Michael, Frankiln, Chop the dog, and of course Trevor!

Battlefield and COD Pander to Fortnite Fans

In the past week, two of the biggest titles set for release this year have announced their intention to feature a ‘Battle Royale’ mode, a format popularised by Fortnite. The hugely successful game has seen Epic Games skyrocket to international attention, with the Battle Royale format being an essential part of their success. With more and more new games looking to replicate this popularity, it seems like everyone wants a slice of the pie!


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