The Week That Was: Entertainment (08/03/19)

8th March 2019

You win or you die

Game of Thrones fans have been overwhelmed this week with the highly anticipated trailer for Season 8, alongside incredible new character posters that have borne whispers and new conspiracies amongst the shows huge fan base. Fans now think one of the new posters released earlier this week features a huge clue about what to expect in season the epic final season of the critically acclaimed series. The one featuring Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) has generated a theory surrounding the character’s fate. Rumour has it that the way Jon is sat mirrors the pose of Ned Stark (Sean Bean) in the promotional poster for the very first season of Game of Thrones back in 2011. In each, they’re sat hunched forward with both hands on their swords, which sits on their right. Looking back at Ned’s unexpected death, could this hint that Jon will meet his shocking demise in the eighth and final season? We cannot wait!

Spielberg vs Netflix

Steven Spielberg wants the Oscars to stem the tide against the streaming revolution taking over Hollywood and has been extremely vocal about it. Spielberg who is the director behind “Schindler’s List” and “Jaws” is putting his weight behind the effort to prevent Netflix films from cleaning up at future awards shows. His stance puts him in opposition with many members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the group that hands out the awards for film excellence. There has been several controversies about Roma winning so many awards this year – people have criticised that if something is made for Netflix, it is a TV Movie and should only qualify for TV awards such as The Emmy’s. Now with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video being used excessively, will more films made from these platforms be showcased throughout awards season?

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