The Week That Was: Consumer Technology (24/01/19)

25th January 2019


A new meaning to park and ride

Gatwick airport has introduced a fleet of valet-parking robots to ease the stress of getting away. Under a trial which begins in August, travellers will leave their car in a dedicated drop-off zone and summon a droid, booked by app, on a touch-screen. According to. Makers, the frantic scramble for an airport parking space will now be a thing of the past – lucky us!

Dyson jumps ship to Asia

Dyson has announced it will be moving its headquarters to Singapore, in an effort to make the company “future-proof”.

The company states that they have seen an acceleration of opportunities to grow the company from a revenue perspective in Asia, however this is likely to make a few political waves due to the company’s founder, Sir James Dyson’s support of Brexit.

Amazon rolls out ‘Scout’ in Washington

It seems as though Amazon hasn’t quite given up on its dreams of a human less delivery service as the company puts six wheeled delivery robots on the streets of Washington. The 2013 announcement of Amazon Prime Air was met with scrutiny and sure enough, by the end of that five-year timeline the company had announced just one successful trial – with two customers in UK who had huge gardens, lived close to an Amazon depot and were happy to order items that weighed less than 2.6kg. Let’s hope this scheme sees more success!

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