The Week That Was: Consumer Technology (15/02/19)

15th February 2019


Draw me like one of your robot girls

The world’s first humanoid robot portrait artist has been created and is able to draw and paint from sight. Ai-Da is the brainchild of art impresario Aidan Mellar and uses a camera to ‘see’ her objects, responding without human intervention, isolating her subject from the background, interpreting it and drawing by hand. Should be an interesting change from Instagram selfies!

Tudder: Finding the cow of your dreams

Created by a Hampshire-based farming start-up, a new mobile app ‘Tudder’ is set to help famers find breeding matches. Much like our old-favourite Tinder, the app will show pictures of cattle from 43,000 UK farms with details of their age, location and owner. Moo-ve over Cupid!

Are men in danger of being left behind due to their emotional intelligence?

Although the modern-age panic, ‘will robots take my job?’ has dealt a blow to women in the workplace, with 78% of those working in AI being men and machine based learning tending to come from historical data, the FT has reported that it is important to remember – as machines become better at many cognitive tasks – the skills they are relatively bad at will become more valuable. This includes problem-solving, empathy, negotiation and persuasion which, historically speaking, are skills that have been more identified with – and encouraged in – women.

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