The Week That Was: Consumer Technology (08/02/19)

8th February 2019


The rise of the Gogglebots

Researchers at Edge Hill University in Lancashire have developed a robot that spots the signs of dementia, using TV soap Emmerdale to recognise symptoms. ‘Why Emmerdale?’ you may ask, the soap has been praised by the Alzheimer’s Society for its realism when portraying the condition. The team is now furthering their studies to spot symptoms such as depression or aggressive behaviour!

Are driverless cars coming to Britain?

According to reports, will be tested on public roads in the UK by the end of the year, in a move that supposedly will see the UK pushed to the forefront of the industry. Previous trials have only taken place on a limited time scale in the US and Europe however the government has committed to having self-driving vehicles on UK roads by 2021 – so definitely a step in the right direction.

Your shirt can now charge your phone

Researchers at Imperial College have devised a technique for coating individual fibres of fabric with microscopic particles of metals such as silver and zinc, paving the way to turn cotton shirts into “wearable batteries” – definitely a new meaning to the term “power dressing”!

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