11th January 2019


Shared Netflix accounts and passwords can now be tracked down with new AI software.

A UK software company has developed an AI programme to clamp down on people who share their Netflix password with family and friends. The video software provider Synamedia unveiled the new AI-powered system designed to stop the rise of account sharing of streaming services. Roughly 26 percent of millennials give out their credentials to other people, according to recent research from Magid.

The ‘dawn of 5G’ for next generation of phones

The promise of faster phone speeds has been knocking around for a couple of years now, but it seems the tech is finally here. It’s being touted by hundreds of firms as the means to transfer data quickly enough to power the next generation of gadgets – including robots and driverless cars.

Amazon Echo challenged as Lenovo announces a budget smart speaker rival

The Amazon Echo Spot is the firm’s smart speaker that has a build similar to a traditional alarm clock but modernises it with a 2.5-inch screen and Alexa assistant functionality. The Echo Spot also comes with a front-facing camera that allows the device to perform video calls. Although the Spot does not have the best audio fidelity when compared to other Echo products, it is still able to stream music for owners.

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